Clovis North Mock Trial Team has been one of the most successful academic teams in Clovis North history.  We began our team during the 2008-2009 season with mostly 8th and 9th graders competing at the County level where we went 2-2.  Since that first year, we have been Valley Champions in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018, and runner-up Valley Champs in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  Our teams placed 3rd (2011) and 4th (2012) in the California State Mock Trial Championships and we've also taken two teams to the Empire International Mock Trial Tournament in NYC where 40 teams from 6 nations competed!  In 2011, we placed 15th and in 2014, we placed 10th in the world!


CN Mock Trial Team Records
2009--2/2 at County--NEW team of 8,9. and a few 10th graders (school opened in 2007-08 w/7-9th grade)
2010--6/0 at County--County Champs, 14th in STATE
2011--6/0 at County--County Champs, 3rd in STATE
2012--6/0 at County--County Champs, 4th in STATE, 15th at Empire International Mock Trial Tournament (teams from 6 nations) in NYC (Fall 2011)
2013--4/2 at County; Runner-Up (2nd) in Valley
2014--5/1 at County; Runner-Up in Valley;10th Place in World at Empire International Mock Trial Championships in NYC (teams from 5 nations) (Fall 2014)
2015--5/1 at County; Runner-Up in Valley
2016--6-0 at County--County Champs; 19th at State
2016--FALL--competing in 3rd Empire International Mock Trial Tournament (teams from 7 nations)--mid-November

2017--5-1 at County--County Champs: 21 at State

2018--6-0 at County--County Champs: 16 at State


In 1980, Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) introduced the Mock Trial program, which already had a strong following in Los Angeles County, to all the counties in California. The program was created to help students acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, and gain an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities as participating members of our society. The program currently involves 36 California counties.

With the assistance of a teacher and attorney coach, CRF's Mock Trial program actively engages over 8,000 student-participants across the state of California. Students actively experience the excitement of working in teams, exchanging ideas, setting goals, and examining issues while interacting with positive role models from their communities. By studying the case and preparing strategies and arguments for trial, students also develop presentation skills, analytic ability, and team cooperation. 


If you think mock trial may be for you...then a "yes" answer to any of the questions below indicates you are definitely a candidate!


Do you love to argue? 

Are you tired of not knowing what to say when someone challenges you? 

Do you live to watch Law and Order on TV? Do you like to act? 

If so....Stay tuned for the 2018-2019  Mock Trial Season!

If you are interested in being a part of an intellectually challenging, performance-based, academic team, Mock Trial is definitely for you.  No experience needed, just a desire to learn, and a strong work ethic.  The Clovis North Mock Trial program has a goal to be #1 in the State this year...plan to be a part of a winning tradition! 

For more information, contact CN MOCK TRIAL via email: clovisnorthmocktrial@gmail.com

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